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Looking for People?
High-level talents data center and professional search team are focused every day on looking for the right person for the job

Looking for Job?
Top 500 Enterprises and Listed Companies all over the world will help you build your career


Egar Royal specializes in executive search、recruitment & staffing services, as one of the leading Executive Search & Recruiting Firms in China, we serve mainland China ( Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, etc.) ,Asian, European and American human resources markets in kinds of industry. Our extensive global network also enhanced by our global search partners around the global. Our strength is connecting talented, highly skilled professionals with international experience to the business seeking their skills.

We are to be one of the top ranking headhunting companies & recruitment agencies in China, an internationally recognized provider of global talent and human capital for growing business. We're hiring!  Click here to be one of the professional headhunters & recruiters.


Market Insights
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